Nuclear Facility Lanyards

The Lanyard Lady started working as a Union Construction Laborer in 1989 and her first Nuclear Facility was in 1992. She worked at almost all the Nuclear Facilities in Illinois. She learned very quickly that safety was very important, and that it needed to be observed and practiced by everyone. In 1997 she was promoted to the position of Foreman. The crews she supervised had anywhere from 10 to 22 people. Not only was she responsible for the work that these people performed but also their safety.

 While working at the Lasalle Nuclear Facility in Marseilles,Illinois, she came up with the idea for the lanyard that is the one pictured. The major Change change that she incorporated was the break-away feature, also she created a lightweight lanyard that is designed to be comfortable and with the rings placed in a way to distribute the weight to reduce fatigue. 

Our Lanyard is custom made for you. Plenty of room to hold your Security Badge, Keys, Digi, DLR, Flashlight, or any other thing that you can think of. It is available in many colors, lightweight, machine washable, and all of our Lanyards feature our safety break away feature. Our Lanyards are being used in all of the Nuclear Facilities here in Illinois, by people just like you.  Click here to be taken to the sales page.

We are always open to any suggestions that you might have concerning our lanyards, and if you have any questions regarding our products please send us a message. Just click here and you will be taken to our contact page and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.”